GRILL : Ultimate Beach BBQ
The fire ring grill is designed to fit inside a concrete fire ring.  The primary design feature is the ability to rotate the grill 360 degrees and away from the fire to comfortably flip and handle food.  Also important was the ability to adjust the grill height to accommodate various bonfire sizes.
The fire ring grill is uniquely fabricated from steel pipe, tube, plate, bar and angle iron and is nickel plated for corrosion resistance.  The 5-piece assembly is comprised of a Stake, a Pivot, a Frame, a Grid and  adjustment Pins.  The chrome nickel steel cooking grid is 15x24 and has about 360 square inches of cooking surface adequate for a large family.
Assemble the grill by pounding the Stake 12 to 14 inches into beach sand until firmly in-place.  Insert a Pin into the Stake at a desired height.  The Pivot goes on the Stake, and rests on the Pin.  The Frame is inserted into the Pivot and the Grid fits on the Frame.  The grill is ready for use.



Child friendly 47 long handled wood bonfire skewers allow safe and comfortable roasting of marshmallows or hot dogs for many years.  Twin stainless steel tines sandwich food securely making perfectly golden brown marshmallows easy to make.  These skewers are sold in a 4-pack set.